Enterprise Cloud Solution

Focus on your business and avoid all the cloud hosting hassles. Our managed cloud solution guarantees unmatched performance, reliability and security, making our cloud solution an ultimate choice for growing your business.


Plans & Pricing

Nano Cloud



Suitable for small scale applications and enterprise WordPress website

Beginner Cloud



Suitable for small ecommerce stores and mid-size applications.

Pro Cloud



Suitable for mid-size ecommerce stores and mid-size applications.

Enterprise Cloud



Suitable for high traffic ecommerce stores and applications.

Need to discuss your requirements or need a custom tailored plan to save on cloud fees, please feel free to schedule a call or get in touch with us.

All our cloud plans include

Dedicated CPU

All our cloud plans have Dedicated VCPU, so there is no sharing of resources. 

SSD Storage

All our cloud plans runs on fully native SSD servers using battery-backed hardware RAID.

11 Data Centers

Choose from 11 Data Centers to get best performance for your target audience.

DDoS Protection

Our cloud’s global network is protected by advanced DDoS mitigation in all of our data centers.

Advanced WAF

This is first line of defence to block all the attacks. It’s a very fast reverse proxy which filters all incoming web requests, automatically rejecting any attacks.

Malware Detection

Automatically detects malware on the fly and quarantines the threat thereby minimizing damage caused.  Learn more

Realtime IP Reputation

Blocks IP related to malicious activity automatically hence preventing further attacks. Learn more

Honeypot Protection

Stops malicious IPs to scan your store and block hackers by creating an automatic decoy. Learn more

Log Analysis

This module automatically recognizes common log files and analyzes it. Then it immediately detects and blocks brute force attacks. Learn more

Daily Backups

We perform daily, weekly backups and on demand backups. So you can have peace of mind.

PCI Compliant

All our cloud servers are PCI Compliant and has been validated by an authorized independent Qualified Security Assessor.

Custom Tailored

We understand not all Solutions are build the same. Hence we custom build your cloud platform so you get the best performance and security.

Paid Addons

Cloudflare CDN Pro

Starts from $20/per month

Cloudflare Pro is best suited for professional websites, blogs, and startups requiring basic security and performance.

Magento Security Patching Service

$200/per year

We perform quarterly scans and install all the security patches released by Magento.

Magento 2 Optimization Service

$200/per instance

If your Magento store is slow, we can help you fix it, so that it does not affect your business.

Need to discuss your requirements or need a custom tailored plan to save on cloud fees, please feel free to schedule a call or get in touch with us.

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