Honeypot Protection

The first step of each attack is scanning the victim server to collect information about vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, most server owners don’t realize they can block these scans and stop attacks before they happen. Instead, most IT teams spend their time reacting to attacks, after they occur, cleaning infected files.

Scanning isn’t as apparent as a DoS attack or malware infection, so it is often overlooked when it comes to server security. However, all of these can happen to your server, and are the first signs you are under attack:



Data leakage

Hackers can scan your servers

Connections to open ports

This module can stop the server from being scanned by malicious IPs and block hackers by creating an automatic decoy. Honeypots Module trap suspicious connections, so cybercriminals won’t be able to access the valid services on your servers, only the fake ones which are setup to trap them.

This Honeypot module can turn the backdoors used by hackers to access your server through PHP web applications into traps that block them from using the resources on your server. When Command&Control (C&C) servers – that direct botnet attacks – try to access the backdoors on your server, This module will identify and block them.

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