Realtime IP Reputation

There are two main types of cyberattacks: targeted attacks and automated botnet attacks. In the case of a botnet attack, hackers exploit well-known vulnerabilities on hundreds or even thousands of servers and make them “zombie” machines in their botnet. Once infected, they use these zombie machines as part of their botnet to automatically carry out their attacks, infecting and controlling more and more devices. On a vulnerable server, botnets are responsible for 50% of the web traffic on average.


High load on the server

Suspicious connections

Slow websites

Our security module has a database containing information on 70,000,000 IP addresses worldwide and growing. So the module knows which IPs are safe and which are malicious. With time, the defense shield grows stronger. If an attack occurs on our cloud and the IP gets blocked, it will be not only blocked on that cloud instance but on every cloud instance. 

Our IP reputation list that goes beyond typical black- and whitelists. Our greylist makes the IP management more flexible and provides a more convenient way to handle false positives, while still blocking potentially malicious requests. Greylisted IPs can be delisted by valid human visitors simply by completing a CAPTCHA.

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